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Tian Di Bamboo

"In this era of advance technology, we live our lives surrounded by computers, cell phones, and fast foods. People have been carried away from the primal experience. We are in need of something simpler and more authentic. Just look around and see what has been taking place. Eastern philosophies have arrived in the West. Yoga studios and meditation classes abound in every city. With that, there is a new awareness of mindfulness. People are learning that the fast pace we keep only produces stress, and we are looking for ways to eliminate it. Worldwide we are seeking for organic diets, natural medicine, essential oils, and more teas and less caffeine.

Tian Di in Chinese means heaven and earth; this gives the meaning and primary objective to this therapy. A human being is part of the universe and a universe unto itself. Our intention is to help our clients to maintain harmony between their bodies, earthly component and their heavenly aspects, their minds and souls. To attain our [goal] we utilize the transformational power of heaven sustained by the nourishing and comforting strength of earth."

-Ernesto Ortiz, the creator of Tian Di Bamboo

This modality is offered by Linda Bailey and Shawna Johnston. Call (913) 894-4428 to schedule your own Tian Di Bamboo massage! When scheduling, please specify that you would like the Tian Di Bamboo so that our therapists have adequate notice to bring their tools for your session. Also please specify if you would like a full body treatment or a spot treatment only. Pricing varies, please inquire when scheduling.

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The various bamboo tools that may be used in your session